"Bird In The Tangle" Collector's Vinyl LP - photos & letter from me

Hey there friends.  Hope this finds you well.

Soooooo, the limited edition vinyl LP of my record "Bird in the Tangle" just came out and I wanted to tell you a bit about it because I'm really proud of it!  First off, big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and already got your records.  I feel like nowadays more than ever, the world is filled with mass-produced junk that ends up in landfills faster than you can say "plastic."  It's because of this that handmade, limited edition pieces tend to stand out and that's why I'm a vinyl collector.  The "collector's vinyl" route is the road I chose to take with my own record for the very same reasons.  I was super attentive to detail and chose quality over quantity (only 500 of these special edition records will ever be pressed and less than 400 were made available for sale).  Along with the help of a small group of super talented people, I personally labored for months (literally) to make this record unique, beautiful, and of the highest quality.  From the embossed gold foil on the front and back of the jacket to the hand-drawn antique map that tells the story of the album in hundreds of tiny details, to the hand-assembled and hand-printed slipcover, to the hand-drawn portrait - I took my time to make sure this record wasn’t run-of-the-mill in any way.  I am especially proud of and pleased with how it turned out and I can say that I’ve never been a part of any packaging that rivals it.  Huge thanks to everyone who was involved with it: Sasha Lee, Amir at Something In the Universe, Ben Tegel, Austin Kihn at Mind Over Matter Records, Pirate’s Press, Jesse Korman, etc - your hard work and attention to detail really paid off!    I did my best in the photos below to show you how beautiful it turned out but she'll feel better in your hands and sound better on your turntable than these photos could possibly show...  I promise.  


Brett Detar 



Go grab a Collector's Edition Vinyl LP now before they are gone!