my new single "Too Free To Live" is here for you now

Hello there old friends and new,
I'm starting this update right with something for you because you know I love ya.<strong> Here is my new single for free</strong> (or not for free if you prefer - I'll get to that in a second). I wrote this feel-good-tragedy of a song in Hollywood and recorded it in Nashville at a rad old historic spot called Studio 19 that was owned for years by Elvis' guitarist Scotty Moore - I mean talk about music mojo - we actually played percussion <em>on</em> a Waylon Jennings master tape that was recorded there 43 years ago trying to borrow a little of that old magic. If the song's vibe feels like a familiar spirit that just might be because many of the same gifted players who were on my previous record "Bird In The Tangle" are my band on this song. It was mixed in Malibu by my dear friends the Heavy Young Heathens and the beautiful cover photo is by the one and only <a href="">Shae Acopian Detar</a>. Most importantly, I want you to have it now and I made that very very easy:

My new single is available now in numerous convenient ways at the price of "PAY WHAT YOU WANT." That means if you want to <strong>download my new single for free</strong> - you are more than welcome to. You see, my last few releases have primarily been free donwloads via my website but I'm always getting asked if there's a way to pay for the music if you'd prefer to so this time I've made it easy for everyone to get the music however you like. If you want it for free - no problem - just download it with the link below. If you want to pay whatever you think is fair for it - go right ahead - there are multiple easy ways to do that. So please get my new single now and pretty please share it with everyone on facebook and twitter and email and everywhere else.  <strong>So w</strong><strong><span style="font-weight: bold;">ith</span></strong><span style="font-weight: bold;">out</span><span style="font-weight: bold;"> further delay I'm thrilled to give you my brand new single "Too Free To Live."</span>

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</a></strong><strong>AND FINALLY, YOU CAN <a href="*nCXS14&amp;offerid=146261&amp;type=3&amp;subid=0&amp;tmpid=1826&amp;">GRAB IT FROM THE ITUNES STORE HERE</a></strong>

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Ahhhhhh!! That feels better. I've been making way too much music that no one has heard for too long now and it feels good to finally give you some of it. There's more where that came from and I'm not planning on making you wait to long for more of it.

Now for the curious amongst you - here's a small update on what I've been working on lately:  Besides binge-watching Breaking Bad I spent the majority of the first half of the year composing, performing, and recording all of the music for a feature film that I'll tell you more about when I'm allowed to. It was a tough and rewarding experience - the most intense musical job I've ever done. I ended up with 80+ minutes of music in the movie all made by yours truly while holed up in my home studio. It's a massive departure from anything I've done in the past in both method of working and style of music but I loved the process and look forward to doing more music for picture in the near future. <a href="">I'm in the studio constantly these days</a> working on new solo material and other projects of mine that don't fall under the "Brett Detar" solo banner so I hope to be getting more of that out in the world soon. I can also tell you that a certain album from one of my old bands that people have been asking for on vinyl is finally going to be released as a double LP so I'll let you know more about that as details emerge. Oh and speaking of vinyl - <strong>there's a new one from me at the pressing plant as we speak</strong>... Last but not least (STILL speaking about vinyl) there are a few handfuls of the original pressing of Bird In The Tangle still on sale in my store and I recently <a href="" target="_new" data-mce-="">lowered the price of every item in my online store by a good bit</a> if you're into that sort of thing.

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please don't forget to share my new single with everyone!
with much love and many thanks,
Brett Detar

"you got your pretty little black dress on. let's dance until we see the dawn. hold me like a smoking gun. if we die we'll still be young."