new tourdates & new single "SATAN'S FOOT ON MY NECK"

Lots of Tour Dates? Check!  Another brand new single for you? Check!

Well hi again... and so soon. Looks like it's feast or famine in Brett-update land. First I start by not sending you an email for 9 months and now here's my second email in three weeks. I try to save these messages for when I have something to tell you that's worthy of your time (like when I gave you my single Too Free To Live as a free download in <a href="" target="_blank">the last email</a> - in case you missed it). So today I'm raising the stakes with a two for one. I'm beyond happy to present to you my latest single AND to announce a bunch of tour dates (I'll get to the tour details in a second). First things first - brand new music! So a little while back the tv show Supernatural was kind to me yet again by putting a yet unreleased song of mine called "Satan's Foot On My Neck" into some commercials they were running. Since then I've had more requests to release this next single from my new record than anything I can recall. I'll tell you upfront that this little 3-piece-band song is the most rockin' thing I've done as a solo guy, and that being said, it's the biggest rocker on my upcoming album (I'll be giving you full details on the record very very soon - scout's honor). Well, enough talking about it...

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<strong>Now onto those tour dates...</strong>
So who wants to hang out? America, I'm coming to play songs for you and drink your coffee in October and November and I can't wait. I've been desperately missing the road. I'm delighted to be joining the amazingly talented <a href="" target="_blank">Lindi Ortega</a> during her stops throughout the country and I'll also be doing a small handful of shows with my dear friend - the fantastic songwriter Joseph West. There are still a few more shows going to be announced soon so this isn't the entire list, but it's the majority of it. That being said, there's a few holes in the tour I'm trying to fill with a couple extra shows - so promoters and house show people - <a href="">email me</a> if you want to set something up, especially if you're in Utah / Colorado / Nevada etc. I don't get out on the road as often as I'd like to these days so I'm hoping to see as many of you as possible on this run. Come hang out. I miss ya.

<strong>Fri Oct 11 - ATLANTA, GA</strong> - Eddie's Attic <em>-with Lindi Ortega -</em> <a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sat Oct 12 - NASHVILLE, TN</strong> - The High Watt <em>- with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";eventId=3774434" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sun Oct 13 - ASHEVILLE, NC</strong> - Emerald Lounge<em>- with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Mon Oct 14 - HARRISONBURG, VA</strong> - Blue Nile <em>- with Joseph West</em>
<strong>Tue Oct 15 - CHARLOTTE, NC</strong> - Double Door Inn <em>- with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Thurs Oct 17 - PHILADELPHIA, PA</strong> - World Cafe Live<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Fri Oct 18 - NEW YORK, NY</strong> - Subculture<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sat Oct 19 - NEW YORK, NY </strong>- Subculture<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sun Oct 20 - WASHINGTON, DC</strong> - The Hamilton<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Mon Oct 21 - ASBURY PARK, NJ </strong>- Wonder Bar<em> - with Joseph West - </em>FREE SHOW!
<strong>Tue Oct 22 - BOSTON, MA </strong>- The Red Room<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";e=1d3d68ca6c65a0ca7cc0c7f84169560a" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Mon Oct 28 - COLUMBUS, OH</strong> - Rumba Cafe<em> - with Joseph West - </em><a href=";eventId=3823044" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Wed Oct 30 - CLEVELAND, OH </strong>- Beachland Tavern<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";eventId=3777994&amp;pl=beachland" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Thurs Oct 31 - PONTIAC, MI </strong>- Pike Room<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";jsessionid=+ogHrWPKea3WKj4iJr308A**.node3?dispatch=loadSelectionData&amp;eventId=3776404&amp;pl=crofoot&amp;refid=lo103113" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Fri Nov 1 - CHICAGO, IL </strong>- Space<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";eventId=3774634&amp;pl=space" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sat Nov 2 - MADISON, WI</strong> - The Frequency<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sun Nov 3 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN </strong><em>- with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";cobrand=first-avenue" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Mon Nov 4 - MILWAUKEE, WI </strong>- Boone &amp; Crockett<em> - w/ Joseph West &amp; special guests - </em>FREE SHOW!
<strong>Wed Nov 13 - MODESTO, CA </strong>- TBA<em> - with Joseph West</em>
<strong>Fri Nov 15 - SEATTLE, WA </strong>- Q Cafe<em> - with Lindi Ortega</em>
<strong>Sat Nov 16 - PORTLAND, OR </strong>- White Eagle Saloon<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";cobrand=mcmenamins" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Mon Nov 18 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA </strong>- Cafe Du Nord<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";eventId=3785074" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Tue Nov 19 - LOS ANGELES, CA</strong> - The Mint<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href=";id=115327" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Wed Nov 20 - SCOTTSDALE, AZ </strong>- The Western<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Fri Nov 22 - AUSTIN, TX </strong>- Cactus Cafe at University of Texas<em> - with Lindi Ortega - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>
<strong>Sun Nov 24 - HOUSTON, TX </strong>- McGonigel's Mucky Duck <em> - with Lindi Ortega </em> <em> - </em><a href="" target="_blank">BUY TICKETS</a>

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing you all out on the road so get those tickets now and pretty please don't forget to <a href=";feature=share&amp;list=UUvX4kJNLEnifPTDBgxzhw3A">share</a> my new single with your peeps and learn the words so you can sing it along with me at one of these shows.

with many thanks,
Brett Detar

"in a life full of trouble that’s never been subtle you could say i’m the prince of all pain.‘cos if heartache’s a kingdom i’d have wealth and dominion, and all of my debts, they would surely be paid."